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Link your product roadmap to your business data

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Gravite is a unique tool
to build your roadmap and get closer to your customers

Feedback loop

Understand users needs, build trust, stay competitive. With Gravite, you set up a complete feedback loop system.


Product CRM

Feedback loop + CRM = make more informed decisions about how to address customer concerns


Feedback Loop + CRM + Discovery = Anticipate future needs, get ahead of the competition


Collect & centralize feedback

Centralize feedback from various channels and teams to uncover actionable insights. Cut down on the noise and organize inputs as they come in.

One tool for all your feedback

Collect satisfaction, effort score, and general feedback, always linked to your customers.

Make your insights actionable

Link your insights to features, and prioritize them thanks to business data. Only prioritize product changes that matter.

Communicate your progress

Send updates to the right people, evaluate what you built by asking for feedback to the relevant users, directly from Gravite.


Supercharge your roadmap with a Product CRM

Synchronize customer information from your CRM and communication tools so that product feedback is connected to the right people.

CRM for product purposes

Centralize customer data, have a clear view on their product requests.

Understand your personas

Enjoy a unique segmentation to understand your customers and what they want.

Send emails to your users

Communicate from Gravite with the right users, the right segment, in one click.

Avoid over-communication

We inform you of the different interactions with each of your users to avoid overloading them.


Stay ahead of the game

Easily manage your research topics, recruit your users and keep track of your analysis.

  • Discovery module
  • Recruit your users
  • Auto transcript
  • Turn your results into insights
  • Leverage your analysis
Know More About Discovery

24/7 Chat Support
for all Quiety Desk Users

Our customers benefit from 24/7 support via our slack, email or phone. A community is at your disposal to discuss product management more widely. See you soon on Gravite.

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Got Questions?
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To deploy a feedback loop using Gravite, it only takes 15 minutes. This is because Gravite manages the integrations and set up of your account entirely without config

For each of our clients, there is the possibility of being followed by one of our CSM with 30 min meetings per week. We exchange with you best practices to help you improve your use of Gravite and your product.

Absolutely, it is possible to use Gravite according to your needs. You will be able to discover other features at any time without additional cost.

Our integration will allow you to retrieve your old data and add it to Gravite with just one click.